Press Releases

TWD Press Releases Report

S.No Press Releases Date Download
1 uniform Approach for incentives In Education system 07-July-2017 Download
2 Enhancement of Premium up to 15 lakhs For ST Women 07-July-2017 Download
3 Nela Nela Vennela 07-July-2017 Download
4 Girijanam Kosam 07-July-2017 Download
5 Swachandham 10-July-2017 Download
6 Girijana Raithu 10-July-2017 Download
7 Girijanulalo Chaitanyam 10-July-2017 Download
8 Manyamlo Miriyalu 10-July-2017 Download
9 Girijana Palle 10-July-2017 Download
10 Girijana Alochanalu 10-July-2017 Download
11 Girijana Vidyaku Thodpatu 10-July-2017 Download
12 Girijana Abhivrudhi 10-July-2017 Download
13 Dhyana Saadhana 10-July-2017 Download
14 Vaidya Sevalu 10-July-2017 Download
15 Sanchara Vaidyam 10-July-2017 Download
16 Police la Saayam 10-July-2017 Download
17 Girijana Vinnapalu 10-July-2017 Download
18 ITDA Po 10-July-2017 Download
19 Girijanula Abhivrudhi 10-July-2017 Download
20 Coffee Saagu 10-July-2017 Download
21 ITDA Po 10-July-2017 Download
22 ITDA Po 10-July-2017 Download
23 Girijanulaki Seva Cheyatam 11-July-2017 Download
24 Girijana Gramalalo ITDA Po 11-July-2017 Download
25 Manyam Lo Health 11-July-2017 Download
26 Me Andaritho Matladalane Vocha 11-July-2017 Download
27 Alluri Park 11-July-2017 Download
28 Alluri Poratam 11-July-2017 Download
29 Alluri Park lo Rs.50 Crs 11-July-2017 Download
30 Twaralo Alluri Memorial 11-July-2017 Download
31 Paryataka Prantham 11-July-2017 Download
32 Girijanulaku Andaga Nyaya Seva Samtha 11-July-2017 Download
33 Ghanamga Yoga Dinostam 11-July-2017 Download
34 Girijana Vidyardhula Arogyam Pi Sradhaa 11-July-2017 Download
35 Gurukula Patasalalo 11-July-2017 Download
36 Girijana , Dalitha Raithulake Bhoomi 11-July-2017 Download
37 Gurukulalo Digital Tharagathulu 11-July-2017 Download
38 Girijana Arogyam pi Prathyeka Sradha 11-July-2017 Download
39 Girijana Pranthalalo Jeedi Mokkala Pempakam 11-July-2017 Download
40 GHanamga Upadhi 11-July-2017 Download
41 Ashrama Paatasalalo Thotala Pempakam 11-July-2017 Download
42 Girijana Gudelalo Vaidya Sibiralu 11-July-2017 Download
43 Girijanulaku Naanyamina Vidya 11-July-2017 Download
44 Manyam lo SC lu 11-July-2017 Download
45 Girijanula Bhoomulu 25-July-2017 Download
46 Girijanula Abhivrudhi 25-July-2017 Download
47 Girijanula Rogulaku 25-July-2017 Download
48 Girijanula Vaidhyulu 25-July-2017 Download
49 Kalisi Kaladu Sukham 25-July-2017 Download
50 Vidhyardhula Samasyalu 25-July-2017 Download
51 Vidhyardhula Sibiralanu 25-July-2017 Download
52 Giri Putrika Kalyana Padhakam 25-July-2017 Download
53 Adi Vaasila Atmabhimanam 25-July-2017 Download
54 Girijanulaku Tricor Runalu 25-July-2017 Download
55 Manyamlo Mummaramga 26-July-2017 Download
56 Girijana Sangham 26-July-2017 Download
57 Pillalaku 26-July-2017 Download
58 Upadhi Padhakam 26-July-2017 Download
59 ST 26-July-2017 Download
60 Girijanula AARogyam 26-July-2017 Download